D1A College Eligibility Review

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D1A College Eligibility Review

Helpful Definitions:

  • Academic Year: An annual period during which a student attends a college or university beginning with the first day of the fall semester or quarter and ending at the conclusion of the USA Rugby national championship event. Always remember that USA Rugby's competitive season run from September 1st to August 31st and is not the same as the calendar year. 
  • Academic Term: An academic session that is a division of the Academic Year. This includes a Quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) and/or a Semester (Fall, Spring, Summer).
  • College Rugby: Rugby played by players who are enrolled in a college or university. These teams would be registered with USA Rugby as ‘Collegiate Clubs’.
  • Qualifying Match: Any match in which the result is used to determine official competition standings and/or to determine qualification for the national championship tournament. For D1A this would be any match against another college club. 
  • Under 18: Being under 18 years of age. Requires a waiver from USA Rugby before participation. 
  • Under 19: Being under 19 years of age. Requires a waiver from USA Rugby before participation if the player is front row for 15s. 
  • Transfer: The official process of changing club affiliation. Subject to all rules of USA Rugby Eligibility contained herein. Waivers may be needed for transfers during the Competitive Season
  • Waiver: Relief from the specified requirement(s) of these Regulations, granted in writing by USA Rugby in response to a formal, written request, made by the affected player or club
  • Spirit of the Rules (World Rugby Charter): The responsibility for ensuring that rugby is played both to the letter of the rules and within the spirit of the laws lies not with one individual, it involves coaches, captains, players, and referees.

Course Structure

  • Club Good Standing
  • Student Athlete Eligibility
  • Important Dates
  • Amateurism
  • Collegiate Military Exception
  • U18 Collegiate Waiver
  • The Waiver Process
  • Transfers
  • Auto Transfer Process
  • Quiz


Course Dates: Open-ended
Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime
Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English


Justin Holshuh
Justin Holshuh