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Professional Development for Referees

Overview of Referee/Match Official Education

Taking a referee course is only the beginning. You should seek out continous professional development through USA Rugby, your local organizations and other resources. Listed below are recommended topics for each level. Online resources are being developed as well as regualr in-person offerings. If you need help finding resources, please contact April 4th- Secrets to Success - Top 5 Tips for Referee Coaches

Level 1 Referee Professional Development

Below are listed topics to pursue ongoing education after you have taken your referee course.
  • Referee the Tackle
  • Positioning
  • Whistle tone and use
  • The Scrum
  • Lineout and Maul
  • Managing Space
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Level 2 Referee Professional Development

Below are topics for the aspiring Level 2 Referee.
  • Foul Play
  • Advantage
  • Big Decisions
  • Empathy and Materiality
  • Shadow/Upscaling of higher level referee program
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High Performance Referee Development

We are here to support your development as high as you would like to go as a referee. We will offer in person trainings, camps and online opportunites for you to develop. In addition, we will work with you to find opportunities that best fit your high performance needs. Listings of opportunites coming soon.