The coaching pathway is for individuals interested in becoming a Rugby Coach. This pathway highlights all the courses and material related to becoming a coach.

Level 100

The foundations are the core requirements to becoming a coach. These are required for Level 100 completion. Please send a copy of each certificate to when complete

Level 200 Coach

Level 200 Course Length- 8 Hours For anyone coaching contact Classroom and practical

All contact teams require an active Level 200 Coach to be in compliance with USA Rugby. The Level 200 Coach Certification consists of online pre-course work and attendance at an in-person clinic. The course structure helps to blend the “how to coach” theory with the practical implementation of player centered coaching Rugby. The Level 200 Coach Certification is an introductory coaching clinic, which focuses on player welfare and the technical skills to play safely – specifically the tackle and the scrum. The assessment requires coaches to demonstrate effective coaching techniques, taught in the course. These techniques include teaching through games, technical skill development through progressions, and collaborative coaching. This course is suitable for all experience levels and will likely comprise a mix of veteran players/coaches and those new to the game – all benefitting from a free exchange of ideas/experience Take Level 100 Find in-person USA Rugby Level 200/World Rugby Level 1 Coaching Course Host USA Rugby Level 200/World Rugby Level 1 Coaching Course

Level 300 Coach

Level 300 Course Length- 16 Hours For the Advancing Coach Classroom and practical

The Level 300 Coaching Certification is the next step in the American Rugby Model (ARM). The certification progresses towards advanced coaching skills used in athlete development and program building. The Level 300 Course consists of a two-day certification clinic and successful completion of the home study tasks. This course is much more involved than the Level 200 with respect to pre-coursework, the in-person clinic, and post-coursework. The objective of the certification is for coaches to increase their ability to coach technical skills to achieve strategic and tactical outcomes. Coaches will be able to use the coaching process, key factor analysis, and functional role analysis to achieve specific short and medium term goals for their teams. Find in-person USA Rugby Level 300/World Rugby Level 2 Coaching Course Host USA Rugby Level 300/World Rugby Level 2 Coaching Course Click below to find courses that are to be taken post Level 1 and will prepare you for the the Level 300 course. Level 300 Professional Development

Next Steps

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Level 3 Coach

This Level is desinged for the Coach that aspires to coach at the highest level domestically and internationally. The Level 400/ Level 3 World Rugby is offered periodically and through application only.