Referees and OfficialsPATHWAY

Overview of the Referee Education Program

The Referee and Match Offical education program will prepare and aid in your developnent as you help make the game safer and more enjoyable for the players and provide a valuable service to the game. Your steps along the path


The foundations are the core requirements to being in a leadership role with USA Rugby. These are required for Level 1 completion.

Rugby Ready Concussion Awareness for the General Public SafeSport Upon completion of any of these courses besides SafeSport please email a copy of your certificate to

Register as a Referee

To register as a referee you must complete the Foundations Courses. Anyone who referees a match should complete the proper pre-work and be registered with USA Rugby Complete your registration as a Referee with USA Rugby

Touch Judge and Assistant Rereferee

Becoming a touch judge is a great place to start your jouney in making the game safer and more enjoyable for the players. The online course is easy to follow and will get you started as a match official. Click Here to find out more about being a Touch Judge and Assistant Referee

World Rugby Match Official Education

World Rugby’s Match Officiating Pathway is changing to reflect the needs of the game. Previously there were two separate Level 1 courses (one for 15s and one for 7s), these courses have been replaced by our new “Introduction to Match Officiating (Level 1) course. This course is both relevant to officials working in both variations of the game. In 2018 we plan to do the same for the existing Level 2 courses to replace them with a new “The Developing Match Official Course 15s & 7s”. Two separate Level 3 courses will still be created for 7s and 15s – this could will be known as “The Advancing Match Official”

Level 1 Referee

Course Length- 5-6 Hours Required to referee any contact match in the United States.

Level 2 Referee

The Level 2 Referee Course is for any referee that has completed their Level 1 course and been a referee for at least one season. In this coures you will explore further topics such as positioning, advantage, materiality and other techniques to andance as a referee. Find an in-person Level 2 Referee Course Host an in-person Level 2 Referee Course in your area Appropriate Level 2 Professional Development

Education for the 7's Referee

For those that would like to learn more about the game of 7's as a referee or would like to pursue the path of a high performance referee there is additional education and support for you. Education for the 7's Referee

Level 3 Referee

Level 3 is for the referee that has shown competence is top competitions and aspires to the High-Performance Level. Selection to the Level 3 course is by application. All referees are encouraged to participate in professional development in this area as appropriate. Regular trainings will be held throughout the year.

Other Roles

Everyone can be involved